Monday 8-6 trolling report

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Eye Spy

Junior Member
Willard, OH
We started off trolling Monday morning ne of west sister to find lots of floating grass The farther north we went, the worse it got. We were constantly yanking rods checking for grass. We had a slooooow pick going with a fish here and there most of the morning. Once the lake layed down around 11, the fishing started to pick up and was the bite was hot the last hour or so we fished. We ended up with a 4 man limit of eyes that ranged from 15 1/2"- 24". Most fish were caught on harnesses with a #5 colorado blade fished behind dipseys and jets but we did pull a handfull of fish on spoons.


*Supporting Member*
Thanks for the report as always, man. Good to hear you guys are still getting into them out there. That sucks you had to deal with the grass, though... It's extremely frustrating to have to pull rods for reasons other than hooking fish.