Mason's new ride

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Mason has been wanting a Mathews Halon. I think it is one of the ugliest bows I have ever seen, and told him I thought he would like any number of bows ahead of the Halon once he shot them. We hit a couple of shops today, shot a bunch of bows and of course brought home an ugly but smooth as silk Halon. He absolutely loved the way it shot at the shop(s), and honestly after shooting a bunch of others, I agree with him.

I've liked Mathews for quite a few years now, but haven't had a new one forever. In fact my latest model is a Drenalin. From what Ive read, I thought Mathews had slipped behind the curve compared to other companies. I guess I'm still a "fan boy". :) Mason will enjoy this one for a while, its a nice shooting bow.


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I'm still a fan boy and proud of it. In March 2007, I joined the dark side when I bought arguably one of the finest compounds ever made. My Switchback XT still shoots darts and has won out on side by side comparisons for the last 6-7 years. Only the Elites have come close to convincing me I "needed" a new bow.

Congrats to Mason on a fantastic new ride! Hope he can break it in on opening weekend. Nice work dad!!!
We shot three or four models of Elites. None came close, IMO.

Honestly, I still think this thing is ugly as sin, but it is absolutely dead on release, even with no add ons. And more importantly, Mason loves it.