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Kinda New


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Came across this site last August and joined but just recently have been spending time on it.I really enjoy this and have been on that other site but find myself spending more and more time here.Just seems like alot of good people that are happy when someone does well in their hunting accomplishments or not so well.Definately not alot of bashing people when they do well.My name is Brian and i live in Fairfield County and love to Hunt Deer, Turkeys and spend a little time each winter snaring Coyotes.Good Hunting to all of you and i look forward to jumping in on the forums with all of you.
Welcome Brian, pull up a chair and join in the campfire talks.... Looking forward too your coyote snaring posts.... Have you had any success?
Thanks for the welcome.I used to do alot of fox trapping when i was younger caught my first Coyote in a fox set in 1983.I have been snaring the last few years.I usually do it for 3 or 4 weeks on our farm each winter after i am done deer hunting.So far i have been lucky enough to catch 53 of them.I really do enjoy it.I posted a couple pics back in April i believe on the trapping forum.When i get some time i will post some pics for you.


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everyone being happy if you do well or not so well is that even if we dont do well everyone is still rooting for people to do well and very encouraging.
That's what this site was built on.