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Just Got Word

I think we have some more new meat. I just received a text from my buddy that he and another friend of ours joined. So.... if you see "Wuke" or "HEC" around these parts be sure to bust their balls.
Wuke is the one, if you remember, that I posted the pic of during gun season that shot a nice buck opening morning. HEC is the farm he shot it on and where we do alot of bunny hunting.
Who knows, they may even show at the TOO gathering. If there is beer involved they'll show.


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Super Mod
They both work at the local power plant together. They've seen each other naked alot, so just be careful of them. LMAO
What is it with you and naked guys Cotty ? lmao

I guess if they come to the TOO gathering you will have a full tent adding these 2 in there with you and the other Mike. ohhhhhhh...now I get it...DOUBLE DATE lmao


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Good thing you mentioned it... lmao.. They were sending up some red flags when i started looking... I noticed they both registered within a minute of each other.. Red Flag 1.. Then they were both using At&T mobile phones. Red Flag 2.. Then they both had Yahoo email accounts.. Red flag 3...

Welcome Hec and Wuke! I'll stop watching you like a creepy guy in the corner now.


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Southeast Ohio
Wait, I thought that we all secretly came to an agreement that Cotty wasn't aloud to invite any more of his friends because they were kinda "funny." I don't mean Haha funny either. Oh well, welcome anyway!