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Hello, ya'll. I just wanted to introduce to myself. I'm Chad. I have been hunting for 6 years. I've killed one doe so far. I'm trying my best to get me a monster buck. It's not that I suck at hunting. It's just that I work a lot of hours, trying to find time to hunt. I couldn't afford to have unpaid day. Well in 2010, I got to see 8 pointer was within 30 yards, my plans didn't work out, he didn't come to my way like I would want him to. So, I had to do grunt calls to draw him to my way, he wasn't spooked, he acted like he was too cool for me, and decided to ignore my calls. Well, 2013 I got to see an 8 pointer walk out onto my next door neighbor's property. He was coming toward me between the property line, I was excited as heaven, at the same time, my heart was racing like the nascar reving their engine when ready to floor the metal to the petal on the starting flag, then he stood there between the property line. I'm like just come onto my property....10 more yards...come on, dude. Then a min later, the buck decided to walk away from me after somebody fired a gun in the air. So I said to myself "What the hell!" I was not in a good mood for a week. So, for this year, Im hoping to see an 8 pointer, because for 3rd time lucky charm? Yeah, I wanna kill an 8 pointer to get it out of the way, then focus on to next one. Wish me luck, fellas. I will post a picture on here soon as I get him I should name him 3rd lucky charm or just lucky charm?

Thanks for your time reading this. I'm glad to be part of this group.


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Welcome to the forum. We all (well most of us ;) ) know the pain of trying to knock down a monster buck. And of course "monster" is a relative term. I'm still chasing a monster myself, so I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit!