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lung buster

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hocking county
Andrew killed a buck that we have been after for the last 3 years tonight! We have had a good history with this deer and even found one of his sheds last year. This season has been a tough one for us. Last year my Grandpa had a stroke and I knew our time was limited on our family property probably and I feared last year might be our last year hunting it. Andrew and Addison killed great bucks there last year and we then killed 3 turks there in the Spring! Unfortunately we lost Grandpa last month and it's just been hard hitting it like we usually do. I surely feel that Grandpa was with us this eve as Drew killed one of the best deer that has ever came off of our family ground. The whole thing is bitter sweet. Grandpa was always the first person we stopped to show when we had success...we stopped there tonight to show Grandma but it was hard knowing he wasn't there...
Here is Drew's buck.

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awesome deer! sorry for your loss. I too recently lost my grandma, it is tough going to gramps house and knowing she's not there. It does get slightly easier with time. Just know he was without a doubt with you the night drew killed his deer!