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My name is Eric...I am from S.E. Ohio and really enjoy the outdoors....I mainly like to deer hunt, mostly with a bow but a shotgun or muzzleloader will do nicely as well....I heard about this site thru a real good guy that I got to hunt with this year Ric....I have been looking thru some of the pics and stories, there are some really big bucks I seen on here and some even better stories that go along with them....we also like to chase a turkey around in the spring time, pick a mushroom along the way and throw a line or 2 in the water....


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SW Ohio
Glad you and Kyle found this site. Jump right in, there's a bunch of good ole dudes on here. You both will fit in here just fine and I hope you enjoy yourselves. Oh, we have a good ole dudette(SP) that hangs with us TOO.