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hello my name is jim i live outside of richmond ohio in jefferson co,i like 2 treerat hunt with ruger 22/45 pistol or savage markII 22, an deer hunt with the following xbow,recurve,shotgun,muzzle an handgun.hunted all my life started at age 6 when pap gave my a single shot 410,harvested my 1st deer in 74 with a recurve.my grandpap(and his 3brothers) and my father were my mentors.all have gone 2 the great hunting lands
my wife has been my hunting partner since dad passed in 02.its been fun teaching my wife 2 shoot an hunt.she squirrels with me tried it with a 22 this yr said man that's fun but its harder then shooting them with her 20ga.shes killed 5deer in last 6yrs 2bucks an 3does,1 with a xbow.my hunting as you can tell has been all about my wife 4.
my fishing friends call me mrtwister because thats is what i fish with 99% of the time so thats were i got my name I FISH ALOT LOL