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Hello TOO!

Hey all my names Jared. Been lurking for a couple months now. Haven't had much to post about though this year. Been kind of a bummer year. Haven't had much action at all. Got a bunch of pictures of 110-135" bucks, but no shooters just 2.5, and 3.5 year olds. I did finally see a shooter in gun season, but didn't have my gun at the time. Go figure. I seen him again the last evening of gun season, but he was running through the brush. I got a few cameras out in the area I seen him. Hoping I can get a couple pics of him, and pattern him. Either for late bow season, or the weekend gun season coming up. He looked to be about a 140" 8 point. I think he is one I had pics of last year. Which if I'm correct would put him at 4.5 years old. Hopefully things turn around, and I can make some more posts. Hopefully one with a dead buck in it! lol Anyways I look forward to being a part of this forum, and sharing stories with you all.


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Welcome fellow deer enthusiast! Lot more to this forum than just deer, but right now that's where it's at!
Good luck with the rest of the season and feel free to jump right in and share - don't think ya gotta wait till ya got one down to contribute.

PS that's a dandy in your avatar!


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Welcome to TOO.

Ya don't have to wait to post lol. We don't mind if you post about nothing. Matter of fact we even have a thread about nothing lol. Feel free to jump in anywhere an contribute to a thread some.
Thanks everyone. I'll try to contribute a bit more than I have the past couple months! lol As soon as I get some of my trail cam pics onto my computer I'll post some of them, and some of the past deer I've killed.