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Hello all...

Hello everybody. I'm a newbie from Toledo, OH. The reason for my username is because I used to live in Michigan and most of the forums I started joining while living in Michigan was rockinmichigan, thus I kept it going even after living in Toledo the last 7 years.
Some things about me: I prefer open water fishing over ice fishing or bowfishing. I don't have a problem with other forms of fishing, I haven't done either by habit over choice, but something about casting out and waiting for a bite as opposed to dragging your stuff a couple miles out, drilling a hole, and waiting for a bite over the hole makes me feel and sound lazy LOL.
I don't have a dedicated spot or species I target. Instead I hit several spots, some more then others, in both Michigan and Ohio. One spot in particular in Monroe, MI, is a good spot to catch longnose gars in the warm months. So if that's all that's biting why not target it? A couple spots I go to in Ohio are good catfish spots. I have a couple spots that I can target bass. So it all depends on what I feel like catching and where I feel like fishing at.
One thing about me is I enjoyed fishing when I was a little kid. Once I became a teenager I did typical teenage things that weren't fishing related, then in early adulthood I developed an alcohol problem. After I went sober in August of 2000 I spent a couple years trying to find myself, and after a couple years I picked the fishing hobby back up-slowly-but after a short time I found myself so addicted to fishing it brought back memories of when I was a young kid pulling out channel cats, yellow bullhead, sheephead, and carp at my grandparents summer home in the Marblehead, OH area, and creating new memories.
My longest catch to date is a 35" longnose gar caught on a shiner at Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI in 2011. My heaviest catch to day was that same day/place, a heavy snapping turtle that I didn't get a weigh in but was definitely in the 20 lb. area. The shell length was about 18" and about a foot wide, and the head was the size of my fist.
All that being said, I hope to have many o' conversations with y'all, and hope I didn't bore you with my opening here. I hope to offer tips and techniques as well as looking for tips from you guys. One can always learn a thing or teach a thing.


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North of Toledo
Welcome to too. Best advice I can give you is to not take anything personal. I don't know any of these guys on here personally, But they will bust your balls given the chance.
I've been on many other fourms but this is the only one I visit anymore. These guys are a great group.

If you like fishing Gar. Try going as close to the fermie plant as you can. There is a rock pile that goes out into the lake there. You wont find better Gar fishing.