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Hello all!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I are about to relocate to Darke County from South Carolina for work. Looking forward to learning from you guys and participating in some of the discussions. Austin
Thanks guys. I'm from Charleston originally and am now living near Clemson. I'm looking forward to getting to know some locals. I already have friends in Greenville and Versailles so not totally unfamiliar with the area.
Thanks for the welcome! Quick question for you guys living in Western Ohio. I'm about to relocate for work and with my position I have the ability to live anywhere within my territory. Given this opportunity, what cities should I be looking into. I would prefer to be west of 75 and North of 70. Weigh in and give your opinions. I know there will be some partial to their towns so feel free to let me know. I am heading that way to look at homes the first week of April.