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Foster Parent Now


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Ashtabula, Ohio
Well it looks like my wife Laura and I are going to be Foster Parents and maybe full time ones. My wife Laura is a special needs teacher with 3 degrees and teaching special needs kids, aka a Interventionist teacher. Well several months back this child show up and had such a horrible past. Sent from home to home, in children services so we agreed to have him on weekends to "test the waters". His name is Joshua and at first I thought I was out of my mind. Well after having weekends with my wife and sometime with me, and he loves being with us looks like we have a foster child. He is going TOO be 4 this month, loves us and never wants to leave. We take him TOO places and things he has never done and seen. Take him to the beach, pool, jet skiing, ATV rides....ect. He has is issues but gets better each weekend. He always wants to see my Mom and Laura's parents and when Big Bro ( CJD ) rides by he waves and say's "I Love Uncle Jimmy". LOL
We may not have him for ever if the crack mother and family get their lifes together but for now I have a son that tells me "Me want to go huntin", me want to shoot dat BB gun" lol.
I have made mistakes in my life but I hope God and my Father look down on me and smile. Wish us the best.......


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Ashtabula, Ohio
Thanks Giles! I want to post a couple pictures but for some reason after my computer crashed I can't. I can do videos but when I attach a photo it just greys out. Thoughts??


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knox county ohio
Awesome. I've told my wife that I'd like to do this she wants another baby sometime but I've told her I'd rather try to adopt and give a kid a chance that wouldn't have one otherwise. Good luck and I'd say hes got a couple good role models to look up to now.


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SW Ohio
Awesome venture Jeff and Laura!!! Hope what you both are doing is the start of a beautiful journey for all three of you! May God watch over you and help if times get difficult or bumpy. It doesn't sound like that'll be the case though!

Good luck, great stuff!!!


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Columbiana County
Awesome news Jeff, hopefully he's a permanent fixture in your family.... Too many kids out there in his situation and it's great there are folks like you and your wife....


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Site Admin
Good stuff Jeff. Wishing you 3 the best. My family has 5 foster kids and 3 adopted kids (mostly adults now). It's a great thing to give these deserving people a family that loves them.