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First buck ever.


Junior Member
This is my second full season of hunting and I got my first buck this morning.

I had been targeting this deer all season. been popping up on my trail cams for a while but have not had a single daylight pic of him. was out this morning on a perfect cool morning. The woods were dead quiet and around 7:40 this morning I heard a crash of commotion headed my way in the woods. Out popped a little doe. as my nerves calmed I heard a second crash seconds later and the doe took off. then out popped the beast I had been waiting for. he stood 20 yards from me straing right up at me in the stand. i began shaking like a leaf as buck fever sunk in. the 10 second stand off felt like 10 minutes. then the doe made a bee line up the trail right under my stand towards one of my shooting lanes. The buck was much smarter and was not goin to follow her on that same path. he lioped around her away from me but i was betting he was goin to try to intercept her. I pulled my bow to full draw in anticipation while he was unable to see me and I held watching the doe who is now in my shooting lane. another crash and she darts off. luck was on my side as the buck did exactly what I expected and he walked perfectly broadside 20 yards out right in my shooting lane. Every thing lined up perfect and all the time I spent practicing shooting by bow paid off as instinct took over and buck fever subsided and I made a perfect lung shot just behind the shoulder blade. he took off crashing through the woods. I focused on hearing every step he made running away as the direction he ran put him completely out of sight. with a loud crash and boom the woods went silent again. reality sunk in at that moment as I realized I had just harvested my first buck. I sat and waited for an hour in the stand and smoked 3 cigarettes to calm my nerves. I climbed down and began following the blood trail. was real spotty at first, almost quit seeing blood entirely about 20 yards into the search. after following specs for the next 40 yards the flood gates opened and the blood trail became very heavy. another 60 yards up the trail I found him laying. walking up and getting my hands on that deer was one of the best moments in my life and one I will be chasing for seasons to come. i am officially hooked and at 32 years old have found a passion that can not wait to pass down to my son. couldn't be happier and prouder for all the work that went into putting that big boy on the ground.