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I was going through old videos I've taken over the last few years. We always wonder how much a deer will change from year to year. I just happened to recognize this buck in a video from three or four years ago as a buck I had passed last year. I wouldn't be surprised if his weak antlers have saved him from more hunters than just me. Obviously there have been at least two occasions that I gave him a free pass. Likely others have too and may be a good example of us unwittingly letting bad genes be passed on due to modern hunter's picky nature. He didn't "improve" a great deal over the years but it is neat to see the changes.


Here is the biggest difference for this season; if comes by again I'll kill him It's funny since knowing I have video of him a couple times over a three year period suddenly makes him more attractive. Lol.


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NW Ohio
Most definitely! Mature buck with a shit load of history is a shoein for me.
Right on. It isn't all about inches. That buck I killed last year wouldn't make P&Y. BUT, he was cool looking. I passed him the previous 2yrs. He got me excited. Whether you shoot him or pass, I have no doubt you and Mason will make some great memories this year. Can't put a tag on that.

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Awesome stuff Brock!
I agree with the last couple text. He's a sure hit lister for me as well. Great cull buck but by the same token. He's a mature beast and a very satisfying buck to take. IMO