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Christmas Day Buck

Got One

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Well to say it's been a long season is an understatement. I've tried to be in the stand as much as possible,but working 60-90 hours a week really limits stand time. I'm limited to just my small 6 acres that I own behind my house so I do as much as possible to keep the deer interested in traveling thru my property. From early mineral sites to a couple pallets of corn,hundreds of apples, and bails of alfalfa. I use the new Moultrie mobile camera system witch is an addiction in itself. I had 21 different bucks on camera this season which just blew my mind, for just a small area. I also decided to try to self film this season, which I found to be really hard but really rewarding. I had my mind set on 2 great bucks and the rest would be filming entertainment. I unfortunately was working during the peak rut days that my 2 big guys would show during daylight hours.My phone would blow up with live realtime pictures just driving me insane that I could'nt be in the tree. I was able to go to WV for opening day of gun season and get footage of my buck and doe kills. Now its thanksgiving, work finally slowing down a bit and gun season in a few days but the big bucks returned to their nocturnal habits. I went to my buddies camp in Harrison county for the deer camp ritual for first 2 days of gun season and seen a ton of deer but had my mind on the 2 big ones at home. I hunted at home wed,thur,and fri and than went back down to my buddies for Saturday because the neighbor down there got pictures of a big mainframe 14 point just 500 yards from the stand that I hunt. I recieved a call Saturday afternoon telling me the buck I was after back home was shot just 1/4 mile down the road Saturday morning.Well I bow hunted just about every day on weekends and every other evening leaving work early with no shooters making daytime appearances. My other big buck has not show himself since Thanksgiving. Now it's Christmas Eve, My kids both live in Seattle and I visited Mom and Grandma earlier, why not go hunting,well I decided it was getting late and it's Christmas so stay in with the wife.My moutrie phone app shows me a decent new buck decides to come eat during last light and I was like don't it figure. So the next day , Christmas Day I planned my day to make it in the stand by 4 for the last hour ,started seeing does with in the first 15 minutes than would'nt you know the new buck decides to make an appearance. He's not the big one I was after but a nice Mature buck and I thought well Thankyou lord for the Christmas Present. Put it behind the shoulder and 80 yards later there he lay!! Pics of the big one that was my target buck and a pic of my buck



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dunn nc
Dang, the one at night has exceptional brows, Hope he stays there for you next year.
That was a great kill, congrats on him.
Yes cams are addictive, I think i enjoy watching them almost as much as sitting.
What kind of wireless do you run, I have bushnell, Spotty service.

Got One

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Geauga County. The buck in first 2 pics was killed unfortunately. Jesse for sure we need to catch up maybe some Erie Walleye ice fishing if the weather cooperates or just hang out, Miss you guys since we sold the cabin!
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