Beentowns Hunting Journal

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Central Ohio
Glad Maddy got to see some deer action! Sounds like she had one heck of a good time hangin' out with Dad in the process. That's a successful hunt in my book.


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SW Ohio
Glad to see you and Maddy got to spend some quality time together and actually saw a deer. Pretty cool how excited she got! Sucks to hear about the outside interference though but keep on muddling through it Charles. Colder weather and rutting bucks in the future should turn the worm for you! Good luck!


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Sunbury, OH
Gotta update a couple hunts. Same stuff, different hunt so I am just going to update my stats. More dinks, no does.

Moved a stand over to a new location. Will post pics tomorrow. All dayer tomorrow.

Deer seen: 38
Does: 18
Bucks: 20
Shot opportunities: 8
Time on stand: 45.5 hours
mornings: 4
Evenings: 8


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Sunbury, OH
Didn't have time to update yesterday or for the last couple days for that matter. Only thing that happened of any consequence except the normal dinks was at last light last night. I was about to get my stuff packed up when I could here leaves shuffling in the distance (not of the squirrel variety). It was right at quitting time and just enough light too shoot. 5 minutes later a huge bodied deer came into my 28 yard lane and stopped broadside. I couldn't see the rack because of the blacked out background (bushes and hanging vines make a curtain at this spot). Drew back for giggles and couldn't see him well enough either. Sure was a BIG silhouette. Tomorrow is going to be my last all day sit at this woods. If anything I will start hopping on farms I haven't touched at all this year even though nothing has been seen there worthy of shooting. I like hunting in a little rain anyway.

I did kill a turk and that is my first with a bow.

Deer seen: 43
Does: 20
Bucks: 24
Shot opportunities: 9
Time on stand: 50.5 hours
mornings: 6
Evenings: 9