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  1. MQ1-Z7

    Our spring food and deer plot

    I was out in the plot today and Here are some pics of our food plot i planted this late spring, Not many farmers close to here plant clover anymore and clover is a big part of the diet that they just dont get most places and it will last 5 to 8 years which will then give time for the trees to...
  2. bowhunter1023

    The Food Plot Chronicles

    We have several quality plots going among the members here and several of us have shared those experiences in various threads. It is nice to condense information regarding popular subjects, so I decided to start this thread as a common place for us to share our annual food plotting ventures...
  3. Rutin

    House & Plot part 2 (Pic Heavy)

    Well a little update of what I've got done so far. The plot is not going to be as big as I intended this year since I had to do all the mowing my zero turn and didn't want to beat it down to bad. I kept the plot close to Northern edge of the property along the tree line so I can conceal a blind...
  4. Rutin

    New House and food plot

    Well I bit the bullet and bought a new house..... Nice little 11 acre mini farm. The deer and pheasants are thick on the property already. The back half of the property is a crp field with mowed trails where the prior owner used to walk their mutts. My plan is to take 2-3 acres off the tree line...
  5. themedic

    Stone Celt Found in Food Plot

    I deep plowed 3-4 acres Monday in preparation for fall food plot plantings. Then we had heavy rains Tuesday and Wednesday so i thought I go take a look around for arrow heads. I wasn't in the field for 2 minutes when I saw a rounded end of a granite looking stone sticks half way out the dirt. I...
  6. B

    Backyard Plot

    Rototilled it last week, tilled it again today and put in some pellitized lime and 13-13-13. I put in some of that Mean Bean stuff with Lee and Tiff on the package because I got it cheap and wanted to see how beans would do. Can someone turn the second pic please?
  7. bowhunter1023

    Sandridge Outfitters 2013 Food Plot Plan

    The more I think about what to do, the more indecisive I get! Figured I would throw some information at you all and see what you guys would do in my shoes. I have never planted perennials before, but am considering it this year. I have never planted in the spring, but would like to plant one or...
  8. A

    very attractive plot

    I took a lot of advice from guys this year and put in some winter wheat. WOW, the deer love it. I did a strip of it next to the cabin, deer next to cabin every day eating this! I have never had a plot that was this attractive. I just over seeded them with Oats.
  9. jagermeister

    Mowing before spraying???

    I'm hoping to head south this weekend and get some food plot prepping started. I have one spot (~1/2 acre) that's been a plot for 3 years, but I have two more spots in mind that have never been planted. These new spots are usually waist-high grass with a carpet of poison ivy underneath, this...
  10. B

    Backyard Plot

    I put a small plot behind the house yesterday. Mowed it close last week, rototilled, limed, fertilized and planted Evolved Habitats blend of forage oats and chicory. Now I am just waiting for it to rain... If you look close you can see the double ladder stand Sami killed her buck out of last year.
  11. Boone

    New Fall Plot Step-by-Step

    I got started on my new fall plot project this weekend. We are putting in a new plot, about a half an acre, in part of an old, secluded field. The field is surrounded by a giant thicket and there is one good tree on the east side of the plot I can get a stand into, which set us up perfectly...
  12. D

    Poor mans food plot

    I'm sure I am not the only guy on this forum to face a bit of a snag in developing a food plot. I dont own any land, and the landowners who graciously allow me to hunt arent going to let me till up part of their feild to plant forage for the deer. Compound this with VERY limited budget that...
  13. Longdraw

    Deal Cheap plot watcher camera

    Primos Truth DPS 'Deer Positioning System $44.99 http://www.wingsupply.com/game-cameras-accessories/primos-truth-dps-deer-positioning-system/
  14. hickslawns

    How to select best location for a food plot?

    Just curious what some of you guys feel is the best placement for a food plot? Obviously, different areas of the state will have plots with different needs. In areas devoid of agriculture, I am not sure it would matter a lot. I don't know. I live in agriculture country. The Drury brothers...
  15. Rutin

    New plot

    I was going to use my friends plotmaster but with the weather calling for rain the next few days I wanted to get my seed in the ground and couldnt wait on him. I went to Home Depot and rented the biggest tiller they had. I had a spot that sits between two doe bedding areas and has a creek 20...
  16. Boone

    Spring plot screen planting

    I found time this weekend to plant a screen for one of our exposed food plots. The screens we have planted in the past have made the deer more active in the plot during shooting light. This year we had some leftover corn and planted it with the millet we bought. The millet is relatively cheap...
  17. hickslawns

    Food plot plant knowledge thread

    Food plots are definitely becoming more popular every year. I am far from an expert, but have dabbled with them for 3 years now. Maybe I should say, this will be my third season planting them. With this topic becoming more popular, I thought a thread specifically for plants used would be a...
  18. B

    Plot Watcher?

    Has anyone used one of these? Thoughts? Opinions?
  19. jagermeister

    Food plot update - Brassicas

    Went down to check on my food plots and pull memory cards yesterday. Unfortunately, the brassicas are not doing well at all. To say that I was disappointed would be a gross understatement. The new plot behind the barn has virtually nothing growing and the other one isn't much better. We've...
  20. Buckslayer

    Buckslayers Food Plot Thread

    I finally attained membership to the lease surrounding my small farm this year and put in three food plots. These are the first plots I have personally put in so I have high hopes they will grow well and bring in some nice ones this year. I will be putting up trail cams and a time lapse cam so...