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  1. jagermeister

    Pocket Pistol Preferences?

    With warmer weather on it's way (hopefully), I've been considering the purchase of a pocket-sized handgun for CC. I figure it will be a bit more practical and comfortable for concealing in shorts and whatnot. If you disagree, please explain... I'm open to any/all suggestions. Now, in regards...
  2. Bowhunter57

    Pistol grip style stock for coyotes?

    I see them getting used a lot for turkey hunting and they look/feel like they'd be handy to use. I'm considering this style of stock on my next semi-auto shotgun. Does anyone use a pistol grip style stock for hunting coyotes? What are the pros and cons, for you? Thank you, Bowhunter57
  3. Full bore

    pistol cartridges for deer gun season?

    Now that I have scratched a few heads. What is everyone's thoughts on hunting deer with rifles in pistol cartridges such as 45/70's, 44, 375, 444? Just asking. My reasoning is ammo is so expensive and the thought of reloading is so much cheaper. Box of 5 sabots are 20.00 or so. I like to shoot...
  4. Beentown

    Deal Kahr Pistol Deal...

    Anyone looking for a great pistol for a great price? http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=F1KAHRK9&name=KAHR+Arms+K9+SS+9mm+Pistol&groupid=6
  5. Archertl

    .22 Pistol Dilemma

    I want to get a .22 pistol for practicing my handgun skills. Im shooting about 50-100 rounds every week or two of 9mm and the ammo costs add up quickly. Im debating over getting the .22 cal side for my Sig P229 or buying a Ruger Mark III or a Browning Buckmark. I like the fact that the controls...
  6. Beentown

    New carry pistol

    Any guys looking for a new or your first carry pistol here is one to consider. Went to the range this morning and fell in love. They are not out until November but I was able to take this one through its paces for 48 rounds. http://www.berettausa.com/products/nano/#tabid_1 I am a huge...
  7. Huckleberry Finn

    Pocket Pistol

    It looks like with a last check from my fellowship and cash from working on the side, I'm going to finally buy a pistol in the next month. The goal is to pay cash for it by the 4th of July, but thinking about it, I think I will be able to get it before the TOO campout! Everybody bring a new...
  8. twireman

    Ordered a new CCW pistol!!

    My wife said I could get whatever pistol I wanted on her expense for my birthday. I chose the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 revolver. It has a built in laser sight and all the reviews were very positive. I looked hard at the Ruger LCR but w/ the laser built in I couldn't go wrong w/ the Smith...