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  1. W

    For Sale_ Lab Pups

    Lab Pups to be born around September 2 and whelped on or around October 15th. Killbuck Creek Molly X 4XGMPR HRCH Lakota's Hurricane "Cruz"MH You can read more about Cruz at: and This will be the last breeding between...
  2. jagermeister

    For Sale_ Pointing Lab Pups - 4XGMPR HRCH Lakotas Hurricane Cruz x Killbuck Creek Molly

    Posting this for a friend. These will be some excellent dogs. My 7 month old pup Killbuck Creek Black Betty came from this same combination and she's a phenomenal dog. Molly is of average size, roughly 65-70 pounds and Cruz is right about 65 pounds as well. The two males from the previous...
  3. Alphamax10

    My Lab training

    This is my 9 1/2 month old Lab, Doc. He has been training using the Dog Bone system. This was a new antler my father found and gave to us for training. I hid it in the woods (if you can call it that) behind our townhouse. This training system is amazing.
  4. Kaiser878

    Lab breeding!!! Its time!

    Just got the call tonight. THe bitch is starting her heat cycle! Leo will be maknig whoopy in the near future! Choco on Choco Papers included! I think JEsse is the only one here who has hunted over him! Here is a photo of my male, for those of you who are new and are not familiar with him...
  5. camofry

    Black Lab

    I am thinking I would like to have a companion dog for the house and to ride in the truck with me. I have a chance to save a dog that the owner can no longer keep and just looking for a little info on them. It is a black lab, female (fixed)house broke,loves to ride,loves kids and is a little...