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  1. finelyshedded

    What brand and size broadhead is best?

    Going to take my daughters out hunting some this year for the first time. They'll be practicing and hunting with my FIL's Horton Xbow. I'll buying some arrows and broadheads for them to shoot. What broadhead do you guys hunt with? How long of fletches? What brand of arrow? Thanks guys!
  2. Bowhunter57

    What broadhead are you using for turkeys?

    I shot my turkey with a shotgun, last year. This year I want to shoot one with my bow. :smiley_bril: Along with a groundblind and a few decoys, I've been waiting for a good shot with some mechanical broadheads on the ends of my carbon shafts. The 2-blade Rage (2" cutting diameter and...
  3. Bowhunter57

    Broadhead blade length vs. width?

    First, I must say that I understand...shot placement is everything. That said... I hear a lot of coversation about cutting surface vs. cutting diameter, when talking about penetration and good blood trails...on 2 blade broadheads. * What are the differences between a long broadhead with a 1"...
  4. jagermeister

    Keep this in mind...

    ...when choosing your next broadhead. On opening day this season, I shot a doe at about 24-26 yards. The arrow, tipped with a Magnus Stinger 150, blew right through her like a hot knife through butter... and buried into the hillside about 8" or so. As with most hillsides in Carroll County...
  5. Milo

    Thinking about a broadhead day at the Cardinal center..

    We kind of kicked this around last year and even held a small event. Im going to possibly offer this up again this year to see if there is any general interest. just need to nail down some days that work for everyone. For those who did not attend here is a recap, What I will offer is to...
  6. swamp_donkey2012

    2012 broadhead selections

    so whats everyones choice on broadheads this year, switching to something new or sticking with ones you have been using ?
  7. Milo

    New Broadhead comin'

    http://solid-broadheads.com/ new heads coming on the market...these are supposed to be comparable to German Kinetics. pricey yes but built strong..
  8. D

    another broadhead thread

    OK, so we have all done the "what broadhead do you use" threads. But here is what i would like to know. What broad heads have you tried? What did you like, dislike about them? what do you use now? and which ones are you thinking about trying? I used to shoot Muzzy 100 grain. They flew...
  9. Milo

    Newer broadhead ( to me at least) Helix

    http://www.helixarrowheads.com/why.aspx think I may gives these a test this fall on a couple of spoon heads and see how they perform. I have always been interested in the single bevel concept and this looks like a possible candidate for an easton arrow this fall.
  10. Mike

    Broadhead block

    I shot my first slick trick at my new broadhead block from 30 yards. If I didn't have a back stop behind the target, it would have passed right through. WTF!:smiley_chinrub:
  11. T

    best broadhead for faster recovery

    :smiley_confused_vrashould i go with fixed blade or expandables for faster recovery this year?