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Thread: What did you do for the deer today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isaacorps View Post
    you guys think it’s too early to put minerals out? I’ve got a couple sites established that this will be the second year for. I usually don’t put them out til April. Thoughts?
    I think between now and April is find to put out minerals. You will still have some minerals left in the ground from last year anyway. I know I have a camera on the block that I put out last week. I had some doe stop by to check it out, but I didn't have any that I think was seriously using it. More just checking out something new in their environment.

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    I picked up a trophy rock for our stump lick. (They last a long time off the ground). Plus 5 bags of corn to restock a gravity feeder. Going to get minerals out in the next week as well.
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    I spread about 80 pounds of overage corn out in my back yard. A bunch of pregos hammering it down last night.

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    Perfect day to frost seed with this rain coming. Had a 3# bag of ladino clover in the barn, so I split it between this plot which was winter wheat and oats, and my big clover plot in the bottom. Should help stretch both through the summer.
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    Nice Jesse!, Just stopped out at Merit Seed yesterday and picked up a 6# bag of Hidden Spot (rye grass, red and white clover, balansa clover, forage chicory, and purple top turnip) plan on planting it as soon as the last frost and then replanting this fall with straight turnips. This will be my first attempt at a plot, should be right around .25 acres. Excited to see what it will turn into.
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