• Arizona Border Cams

    Wireless Border Cams is a group of concerned, like minded, American volunteers concerned about the influx of illegal aliens crossing our US borders as we speak! Our goal is to bring you live pictures and video of exactly what border states and border property owners face every day. The cameras are placed on private property inside the United Sates close to the US Mexico border. Every individual you see has already entered the US illegally.. The strategically placed cams take pictures and transmit them wirelessly to our server, then pictures are automatically presented 24x7 for you to view.. The delay between the picture you see, and when it was actually taken, is only moments.. Each picture is time stamped with the exact date and time the picture was taken. Like many of you, we are concerned; but to whom do we listen? Washington? Mainstream Media? The Left or the Right? There are twenty sides to every story. What we seek to do is cut the crap, not insult your intelligence, but provide you with the raw pictures as quickly as transmissions will allow. While we will also provide you links to news articles and the opinions of our editors; we mainly wish for you to look at the pictures and understand what they mean to you.. I believe you are in for a shock! I know we were. So much so it led us to take on this endeavor. We hope that you will join us. Each camera can only monitor a single trail that is perhaps two feet wide, but the border is almost 2,000 miles long... Obviously we need your help... Please consider donating to the cause.. Our goal is to place more and more cams on the border and bring you these pictures.. No longer will we the people rely on others to give us the information we seek. It will be here for ALL to see.