• TOO September Buck of the Month: Ric's First Halloween Buck

    Time again for another installment of The Ohio Outdoors Buck of the Month article. I've held on to this story for September because it gets my blood pumping! If you have met Ric, you know it is hard to find someone more ate up with deer hunting than him. Other than his twin Ron that is!!! Ric is an accomplished hunter and shed picker-upper with the ability to tell a story like few I've shared a campfire with. Congrats again on a great buck and another excellent story Ric!!!

    My First Halloween Buck

    By: Ric Newsome AKA finleyshedded

    My Halloween morning 2012 started off with me getting home from work at 3:30 am and in bed at 4 with my alarm set for 7 am. I got up and got my shower and put on my base layers and my smoke scented clothes and head out into the drizzly and misty cold morning weather. With the wind coming out of the WNW my mind was bouncing around as to which stand to hunt. My most favorite set is set up best for a SSW or even SE wind but after reading several successful hunts here on TOO with hunters killing or seeing nice bucks on their downwind side due to the cold wet and blustery conditions I thought, "WTH" it's a great cruising location and I have the smoke on my side TOO!

    After arriving at the property I grabbed all my gear which I carry in my fanny backpack, my bow and made my way down to the creek. I use this creek more and more as my entry because it is low and covers me with the it's natural noise of running water over the ripples. It was really wet and relatively light at which it was 7:50 am by now as I was nearing my tree stand. After my ascent to my perch I quickly hooked on my safety strap and pulled up my bow and hung my backpack on a near by screw in step. I then made a nice long check of my surroundings and mental notes of the obvious wind direction(WNW) as it blew mostly up towards this nice transition area at a corner of standing cornfield and honeysuckle choked draw which sits off to the SE of my tree. My decision to hunt this set was ALSO based on the fact that deer have trails and have been seen approaching this area in ALL directions so my head was basically on a swivel during my hunt. After my check, I visited the TOO site on my phone and made a few posts and was checking to see who else was hunting with me in this less than perfect weather. As I glance up(8:32 am) I see a doe slipping through this corner to my SE and she never winded me which was very comforting and I put the phone away readying myself in case a shooter was following behind her. It is now about 8:35 and I decide to start hitting the grunt tube 3 times every 15-20 minutes just in case a buck was close by. My 3rd series of grunts was about 9:25 and things were still pretty quiet other than the 3-4 gray squirrels I've been watching since I started my hunt. About 5 minutes passed and my head is on a swivel and as I look back towards the downwind corner I see a nice buck coming towards me. He is about 50 yards out and is closing fast. He stopped just momentarily to look around as if he might have heard my grunts and was looking for the action. Before I could get my binos up he continued on his fast paced walk right towards my shooting lane which lays out to about 33 yards off to the east. I knew the distance to every landmark along this shooting lane and he was getting ready to cut through it about 25 yards out. Seeing him with a decent spread and being at least a main framed 10 with some junk I was thinking shooter. With only about 20 seconds to react and size him up I grabbed my bow and kill mode took over.

    When he entered my shooting lane I was already at full draw following him with my 20 and 30 yard pins centered behind his shoulder. Then he stopped momentarily to sniff the ground and I settled in and made a perfect mental shot concentrating on his kill zone. At the impact, I heard that hollow empty barrel thud sound and he bolted down the hill to a spot below me at a distance of 35 yards and stopped. Within 15 seconds since the shot he just tipped over and died. After quickly grabbing my binos and looking down at him I immediately started fist pumping and silently doing my celebration. Then I as started to reflect on what just happened I thought, "WOW, what just happened!" How fast can things change during a hunt at this time of year. Clearly he was out looking for a doe and I was in the right place and at the right time.

    My story doesn't end here however. I had no knowledge of this deer due to the fact I had no trail cam pictures or actual sightings of him. I had a trail cam set up to the ENE about 150 yards away from me at the other end of this finger I was set up on that had been on a 2 week soak. My plan was to swap that card in the late morning after my hunt. My plans changed after I was fortunate to get the deer down so I eventually swapped it a few days later when I had some free time. To my surprise this deer was videoed one time October 28th at almost the exact same time as when I killed him at 9:30 am. I don't know where he came from but it appears he was on some sort of routine this particular week. Here is a few stills from the video clip.

    Thank you for reading my story and good luck to all of you this hunting season!
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      aholdren -
      Great read Ric and a great buck.
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      Link didn't work for me.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Ricer2231 View Post
      Link didn't work for me.
      What browser? It works for me...
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      Great read. Congrats on a great buck.
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      Full bore -
      Great story, Bro. I remember the classic " I know something". Lol. It's always fun to hear those. Especially to hear it from my hunting partner and brother! Congrats.
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      Congrats on a great buck and good story also,
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      nice job Ric. congrats on a nice buck.
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      sweet story! Man that brings back memories of last fall. Can't wait till the season opens again!
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      It took me to welcome jmmyers thread.
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      Awesome recap!
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      Great story, Ric! Thanks for sharing it again.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Ricer2231 View Post
      It took me to welcome jmmyers thread.
      That, I can't explain...
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      Great story, congrats!
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      Thats awesome ric! congrats on a great hunt and a great buck!
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      Love it!
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      finelyshedded -
      Thanks everybody! I can't wait till the, "I know something" threads start to pile up this fall! I hope we all have a very successful and safe hunting season this year! Thanks again for all the kind words and a big thank you to Jesse,Joe and others for letting me share my story again with you all!

      Who else is ready to start hunting? Good luck TOO NATION!

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      JD Boyd -
      Kill a bigger one this year...lol
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      I hope so JD! I am going to hold out for a 140+ this year and try my darnedest to get my daughters a deer. I missed most of the rut last year and I miss that but I got a lot of work down around the house though.......ah screw that! Yard work can wait till after the rut! Lol
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      I love it!! Great hunt...this year is going to be great.