• TOO March Buck of the Month: Dale Olbon's Ground Assault Buck


    Now that we have the 2012-2013 season behind us, it is time to reminisce a little. The BOTM series was created so that we could take a look back at some of the stories that set our season apart from seasons past. This month we feature a great buck taken by Dale Olbon (AKA deerjunkie) from the ground in exciting fashion as most ground hunts tend to be! Congrats to Dale on his 2012 buck and for being the guy to kickoff the 2013 editions of the BOTM!!!

    The Ground Assault Buck

    Twenty three years ago, I climbed into a treestand for the first time and was hooked. Throughout the years, I pursued deer fairly aggressive, or so I thought, from my treestand while averaging anywhere from 22'-26' in the air. I will be the first to admit, I become quite comfortable from that position, even after suffering some injuries from an unfortunate accident in 2011 where my safety harness failed me. The upside down fall from 22' straight to the ground was not pleasant, to say the least...lol. I had become so focused on being a successful bowhunter from the tree, that I never entertained thoughts of killing deer any other way.

    So we fast forward to the 2012-13 Ohio archery season. Going into this season wasn't any different than previous ones. I had my usual routine of trail cam placements over mineral licks, inside corners of fields, and creek crossings. Most bowhunters will tell you they have a favorite type of antler on a buck. Some are drawn to the perfection of a nice typical rack, others like drop tines, while some prefer the beauty of those bucks that have...well, letís just say the beauty of those bucks that have those goofy looking racks...lol. That's the group I fall into. There is nothing wrong with a nice typical set of antlers, but there is something about those non-typical deer that I like. Probably because it's hard to find two that resemble each other.

    As the summer went along, I was happy with the deer that had been stepping in front of my cameras. One in particular had really caught my attention. He instantly got the name of "Goofy" because that's exactly what his antlers looked like. He was a regular on one of my main farms and I really had him patterned well, so well that I thought I could seal the deal in the first couple weeks. When hunting season finally opened, we went right after him. I had a tree that I thought was definitely going to be the one to take this deer from. One of my Pro Staffers with Faith at Full Draw, Denny Sharrone and I spent a couple evenings in this tree, watching and observing what this deer was doing. We captured some great footage of him but it was clear, if I wanted to kill this deer I had to get aggressive. This tree wasn't going to cut it. I had to break out of my comfort zone of being in a tree to kill a deer and start thinking of other methods. We knew exactly where this buck was bedding, so Denny and I put our heads together and came up with a game plan. We needed a south west wind, our leafy suits, and the determination to throw it all out there and take that leap of faith. The next afternoon we had the wind, so we decided to go for it. We got aggressive and pushed in tight to his bedding area. We did it as quiet as possible and got in earlier than normal. We decided to set up against a cut bean field where there were some big branches piled up. We made a little clearing, a little shooting hole, put on our leafy suits and settled in for the afternoon.

    We had about an hour of legal shooting light left and that's when we heard that dreadful sound we hate to hear, a deer blowing and blowing hard. I checked the wind and we were good, it wasn't blowing in that direction at all. It wasn't 5 minutes later we heard what we were waiting for...the grunt! Sure enough a doe came from the bedding area to the cut bean field we were hunting and right behind her was the grunt we heard minutes before. I was able to peak through the piled up brush and realized it was the buck I was after. Everything just fell into place that night, and he offered me a perfect 23yd shot. He ran approximately 40yds and that was it...Goofy was down! This was by far, the most fun, exciting and memorable hunt I have ever been on. Breaking out of my comfort zone of that treestand, getting aggressive and taking that leap of faith has helped me grow so much more as a bowhunter. I am excited and ready, to put on some more "Ground Assaults".

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    1. rgecko23's Avatar
      rgecko23 -
      awesome! good write up
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      Big_Holla -
      Great story and loved watching it unfold!! Congrats!!
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      dante322 -
      sweet video!
      I like the goofy lookin ones too.
    1. finelyshedded's Avatar
      finelyshedded -
      Awesome account of your hunt Dale! Really enjoyed reading it. Congrats on putting Goofy down and getting aggressive and having it all come together on "film" TOO boot. Great job Dale!
    1. cotty16's Avatar
      cotty16 -
      Love that hunt!
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      Dannmann801 -
      Love that story - love that goofy rack! Well done!
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      Dannmann801 -
      Dang good shot, pow!
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      xbowguy -
      Nothing but Sweetness! Good Job Buddy!
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Great video. Love it.
    1. Archertl's Avatar
      Archertl -
      This is probably one of the best hunting videos ever. Congrats again Dale.
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      jeremy44230 -
      Great deer. Great story. Amazing video! Good job Dale!!
    1. Curran's Avatar
      Curran -
      Simply awesome! Congrats again Dale, that's gonna be a hunt that you'll be looking back on for many years to come.
    1. hickslawns's Avatar
      hickslawns -
      Loved reading about it again. The video was also amazing! Congrats on BOTM Dale!
    1. deerjunkie's Avatar
      deerjunkie -
      Thank you everyone for your positive comments, I really appreciate it!
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      Full bore -
      That's an awesome story and video! Well done and congrats Dale.
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      BGarrett -
      Great video.
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      palmettopredator -
      Great piece of footage guys! Well done!