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    Ok. It's that time of year again where we're beginning to look at putting cameras in the field. TOO has a deal with Spypoint cameras where we can provide awesome deals to you guys in exchange for some promotional things we do for Spypoint. Last year TOO provided over 55 Cameras to it's members through this agreement. I can not publicly list the pricing and will need you to PM me with the camera you're interested in. I will give you a total on what you're wanting. I can promise you will NOT find a better deal.

    I will take Orders for 1 month (until midnight June 10th.) That means the check must be in my hand by the 10th of June.. At which time I will submit said Order to Spypoint for processing and shipment via freight. Once I receive them I will ship you your cameras. The process should take 2 weeks after order submission as they go factory --> me --> you.. Meaning the cameras should be in your hands by June 25th.. Just in time to get them in the woods!

    Payment methods are Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check. If using paypal there will be a 2.9% paypal Processing fee. Please let me know if you intend to pay via paypal and we'll get you squared away.

    You can visit Spypoints site to view their selection.

    A new feature this year is the ability to set a 10 second recovery delay as well as the standard 1 to 15 min delay.

    New for 2012 is the Spypoint IR-7 camera.. A Black Flash IR camera with flash invisible to the naked eye. This is a 7 Megapixel camera that also records sound. I dare you to try and find another quality 7mp, black flash camera that records sound at this price range. It doesn't exist.

    And the Tiny-W.. an 8 megapixel wireless camera packed with features including a plot watcher mode. But the coolest is it can transfer pictures wirelessly 100 yards to a small pod with a SD card. Worried about cam theft of just want to stay out of an area. This is the cam for you.

    Spypoint also has a wide selection of cellular cameras capable of transferring pictures over a cellular Data network..

    These cameras are awesome on battery life. Redcloud did a test with regular batteries (Non Alkaline) and here is the results. on just 6 AA batteries.

    Cam #1 - 1,177 pics 304 - 10s videos and 55 - 30s videos = dead batteries
    Cam #2 - 1,310 pics 356 - 10s videos and 96 - 30s videos = dead batteries

    Here are just a few of their cams..

    IR7 Black Flash, 7Mp cam, with Sound Recording

    TINY W2, wireless transmission up to 100 yards

    FL-7 Interchangeable White flash or IR

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