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    NSFW - Nothing about Nothing

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    Figured you OS refugees would want to feel more at home... soooooo..... NOTHING!

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    What's good TOO?

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    As mentioned earlier, the idea with this thread is get myself and others to recognize and acknowledge the moments that make you take a step back, but...

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    What's For Dinner?

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    Can we get a food thread going here and keep it rolling? Most of you know I'm all about the grub and I enjoy serving up some good vittles. Thing...

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    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    Thread Starter: Beentown

    For some reason I have a thing for mechanical things and guns are one of them. So lets see them. CDJ3 should help me out... Please...

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    Custom turkey strikers

    Thread Starter: Bigslam51

    Figured I'd start a thread. I got a good deal on a used craftsman wood lathe from a guy on Craigslist. To start with I bought a cheap set of turning...

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    Random weather thread

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    We have ongoing threads about a lot of things, but weather not being one of them, so I thought I'd start one. As we are all outdoorsman type of...

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    2017 Random shed thread

    Thread Starter: Spencie

    Not all of us have Ric's knack for finding sheds, so instead of starting my own thread which will contain very few sheds I thought I would start one...

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    brock ratcliff

    Brock/Mason, 2017

    Thread Starter: brock ratcliff

    Baseball finished for us a week or so ago. That triggers the "Lets go find some deer instinct." Mason wasted no time. One of his friends came...

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    C'mon ice

    Thread Starter: Carpn

    Loving these temps .....Makes a lot of ice . Still holding hope to get on Erie . Purchased a sled to get around a little easier than the quad .

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    2017-18 Coyote Challenge

    Thread Starter: xbowguy

    This years challenge will be a little different. Each coyote will get a number for the drawing. Again, we will count it if you hit it with your...

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  • New Affiliates for TheOhioOutdoors

    TOO is pleased to announce we have began Affiliate programs with Bass Pro Shops and Amazon.com.

    I got to thinking the other day.. We all buy plenty of hunting, fishing, and miscellaneous items from these places. Lets see how their affiliate programs work... It turns out that it is an awesome way to show your support of TOO and help it along with ZERO out of pocket cost to you!

    There is no markup, no fee, no nothing.. If you visit one of the sites below by clicking on a link here, and actually buy a product, TOO gets 4-5% of the final NET price as a thank you from Amazon or Bass Pro...

    As I said.. That comes out of their pocket, not yours. You can still use discount codes, promotional codes, and the prices are the same.. The only thing is they reward us for referring you.. So if you're going to Amazon or Bass Pro websites to do a little shopping... Why not visit them from one of the links below and in the process help TOO...

    I am currently still working with Cabelas to get set up with them.

    Shop at basspro.com

    Comments 34 Comments
    1. Beentown's Avatar
      Beentown -
      Dang TOO bad this wasn't set up before Christmas! Joe and Jesse would had a new gun! Lol
    1. DJK Frank 16's Avatar
      DJK Frank 16 -
      Man I just made a 60 dollar order from Amazon yesterday!! Dang!
    1. Jackalope's Avatar
      Jackalope -
      Quote Originally Posted by Beentown View Post
      Dang TOO bad this wasn't set up before Christmas! Joe and Jesse would had a new gun! Lol

      Nah. We have things planned for site funds over buying us guns. lol. We have get togethers, giveaways, and other things to consider. We didn't start TOO to make money and actually have the worst "business" model ever. But yeah you're right, lol... Always a day late and a dollar short..

      I am always trying to come up with new ways to fund the endeavor without plastering ads all over the place.
    1. Milo's Avatar
      Milo -
      corporate sponsers?
    1. Jackalope's Avatar
      Jackalope -
      Quote Originally Posted by Milo View Post
      corporate sponsers?

      Nah... They aren't involved in the site in any way; they do not sponsor, endorse, or have any say-so in the operation of TOO.

      The only role they play is giving us a 4-5% return if someone visits their site from TOO and actually buys something... It's an affiliate program, not a sponsorship, or advertising relationship. You're not going to see Cabelas, Amazon, or Bass Pro ads plastered all over TOO. It's just an easy way to support TOO without actually costing you anything.
    1. bowhunter1023's Avatar
      bowhunter1023 -
      Nice work dude. I'm just along for the ride fellas. Joe is the mastermind. If he is the brains, I must be the sex appeal...

      Thanks for the support fellas. If it weren't for you all, TOO would not be what it has become!
    1. Curran's Avatar
      Curran -
      Great job fellas!! The Curran household buys plenty of goods through Amazon so we'll start using the links to help keep the lights on.
    1. epe's Avatar
      epe -
      Nice! I buy all kinds of stuff from amazon...
    1. Dannmann801's Avatar
      Dannmann801 -
      Any way for TOO to cash in on our in-store brick'n'mortar purchases? Or is it strictly online?

      Smart move, btw...attaboy Joe
    1. Dannmann801's Avatar
      Dannmann801 -
      Any way for TOO to benefit from our in-store brick'n'mortar purchases? Or is it strictly online?

      Smart move, btw...attaboy Joe
    1. Jackalope's Avatar
      Jackalope -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dannmann801 View Post
      Any way for TOO to benefit from our in-store brick'n'mortar purchases? Or is it strictly online?

      Smart move, btw...attaboy Joe
      Nah. Only online referrals. Basically if we send them a customer thy say thanks... They figure if you drive there you were going anyway. Lol.
    1. ohio mossy oak's Avatar
      ohio mossy oak -
      Great thinking Joe!!
    1. Jackalope's Avatar
      Jackalope -
      Also. The amazon one is for anything. Not just outdoor gear.. That's just the image I used for the link. Same with BPS. Anything in the store.
    1. uglykat26's Avatar
      uglykat26 -
      sweet deal
    1. Alphamax10's Avatar
      Alphamax10 -
    1. Archertl's Avatar
      Archertl -
      smart joe smart
    1. CJD3's Avatar
      CJD3 -
      Very Cool.
      Nicely done Joe.
    1. "J"'s Avatar
      "J" -
      I'm trying to buy a scope for the new slug gun but they don't show it on their site (BPro)... Calling them too see if I can get an item # so the site can get the credit for the purchase......
    1. finelyshedded's Avatar
      finelyshedded -
      Awesome news Joe! Will do!
    1. xbowguy's Avatar
      xbowguy -
      Smart Move Joe..... Keep up on the Bass Pro. Their affiliate program has "shut-down" on our sites before and we lost potential cash in the process. They did get it fixed, but no telling what went on while it was down. It happened twice I know of.