• Team Outlaw Game Calls Box Call Review

    I pulled in my driveway Monday night and saw a package placed in front of my door. I read the label on the top “Team Outlaw Outdoors” and knew it was the turkey call you guys helped me win on their FaceBook contest. Man! That was fast. I just gave them my address last Thursday. As I opened the box a giant roll of bubble wrap as big as a coffee can greeted me. I unrolled the wrapping and looked the call over…

    First impression...

    Instantly I notice the aromatic smell of the woods. The paddle and sides are made of Ambrosia, the base and ends are Walnut.. Looking it over one would be extremely hard pressed to find a single flaw in the craftsmanship. Not a single attention to detail was spared; some even going out of their way to add that extra touch. Right down to the peg that holds the elastic band to silence the call for transport. Barry used a brass brad nail with a large flower shaped head.. A simple eye screw would have achieved functionality to most call maker’s satisfaction. Not Barry, even though the only job that brad has is to hold a simple elastic band, It’s going to be top notch… I flip it over to reveal the call has been signed, dated, and serial numbered. Opening the call to look inside I notice that a small piece of felt had been weaved through the spring under the paddle. Preventing that crinkle sound springs sometime make when loaded under pressure and moved. The call is tuneable by a brass screw that goes through the paddle and into the call. Compressing the paddle and trying to turn the screw by hand I notice it is tight. meaning it isn’t going to come out of tune with use… In the field however something as simple as a truck key could be used to turn the screw and tune the call if need be.

    The Sound.

    The call was pre chalked and you could tell Barry had made sure the call would sing before it left the shop. So here we go. I’m not a master turkey caller by any means, and I usually prefer a slate for this reason. I rolled off a few yelps on the call and was struck by how realistic it sounded. It slid very well through a note, but had a good grab also, letting you stop the call exactly where you want without that little extra note you sometimes get. By changing the striking location on the paddle I noticed the yelps came out as crisp, or as raspy, as you would like. To imitate that hen who’s looking for a date, or that hen with a little sense “get your butt here NOW” in her voice… My favorite thing to do with a box call is cut.. I flipped her around and started cutting. Man.. Now that’s a cut, I can see how I could easily get an ole Tom flustered with this hen cutting at him.. In the two days I’ve had the call, I’m now pretty sure it is going to be the new number one call in my vest. And that’s saying a bunch for a diehard pot call man who’s previous favorite call was the Primos Jackpot, but also owns five other glass, aluminum, and slate calls and always carries a half dozen strikers. Yeah.. Barry sure knows what he’s doing with these calls. I’ll be sure to bring it to any events we have so you guys can see for yourself that this call backs up it’s review. If I had one fault to mention it would be how nice the call looks. Maybe I’m just cheap.. But I don’t want to scratch it. Lol.
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      Good Review Joe...
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      Great review, thanks Joe!
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      I know someone want's to win this giblet. Plenty of time and squares left.