• Primos Truth Cam 35 Review

    Written on 8-17-2010

    I'm currently using two of the Primos Truth 35 cam's and for a cam that was on sale for $89 (regular price $119) I can't complain so far.

    The cam has 3 picture settings single shot, 3-shot and 5 shot burst modes along with 3 video setting from 10s,30s,60s. Daytime pics are taken at 3.1mp and nighttime pics are taken at 1.3mp. The trigger speed according to Primos is 1.5sec. and when tested by chasingame they found it to be at 1.29sec. According to Primos website the sensor range is 40 feet and the furthest I was able to get it to trigger was at 30 feet ans I'm sure my test was under less then ideal conditions. I can tell you that if the sensor is triggered at night you can see out to 40 feet even in video mode just fine. I was going to post a video I took but, when I uploaded it to photobucket it turned out darker and was harder to see then it was on the original file. I'm not sure why that happened but it was and would have been unfair to the makers of this cam to show the video that way so, I will have to try uploading a new video again soon.

    The cam is simple enough to setup you really don't even need the instruction book to do it. This cam runs on 4 D-cell batteries or you can use the external port to plug in a 6-volt power source. You can use up to an 8GB SD memory card with this cam. The cam has 5 slide switches with multiple options and 3 push buttons all pictured below.

    Slide switches from left to right:
    1) This is the status switch = On / Photo / Video
    2) Video length switch = 10sec / 30sec / 60sec
    3) Delay switch = 10sec / 1min / 30min
    4) Multi Shot switch = 1 / 3 / 5
    5) Sensor switch = Hi / Normal / Low

    Push Button switches from left to right:
    1) Set / Wake
    2) Up
    3) Down

    Battery Life
    Last week when I checked the one cam it had 75 pics and battery was still at 99% and left to run another week so only time will tell. Honestly this will not be the same for everybody due to the fact each person will run into different picture taking circumstances (ie.. more night pics or more day pics and temperatures will effect battery life as well).

    Other review sites:
    You can also read on chasingame.com a review they have on the Primos cam and of course Primos.com
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    1. Milo's Avatar
      Milo -
      good review redcloud...
    1. RedCloud's Avatar
      RedCloud -
      Thank you very much Milo. I will try and keep this updated as the season goes along.
    1. RedCloud's Avatar
      RedCloud -
      Check out my Blog for more updated information as I have added a few more entries to this now.

    1. Lundy's Avatar
      Lundy -
      I purchased one.

      I installed used batteries that only had 70% charge. The camera took 608 pics the first week and the battery level was down to 40%. Installed new batteries after the first week, I'll see what kind of service life I get on new batteries.

      Super easy to setup, seems to have very good sensing and trigger times. pretty week IR night range.

      All and all seems to be a very good inexpensive camera.

    1. Tiny's Avatar
      Tiny -
      Good review