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11-07-2016, 09:32 AM
I have VERY limited time to get into the woods because of coaching football, and to boot I live in an area where deer numbers are wayyy down. So I have been in a very long dry spell. I asked for advice about two possible hunting options for this past weekend and went against all advice after finding out there are about 5 people hunting my #1 choice and a kid screwing up my #2 choice. I remembered an old woods I use to hunt when I was younger and got permission from the land owner, put a stand up Friday evening, hunted it Saturday morning.....and BAMMMM streak over! I know it isn't a buck or even a big doe but I was so happy that I actually got a chance and didn't mess it up. 20yd double lung shot. I had passed on a smaller doe at first light, and then had coyotoes running all around and a couple other deer that passed behind me into the woods, and finally at 8:30 she came and was very skittish and knew some thing was up. I had my crossbow up already and as she was throwing her head up to scent check(thanks scentsmoker) she relaxed and walked right into a shooting lane, I gave her a bleep and she stopped and CLICK dang safety was still on! She was at full alert, I flipped the safety off and squeezed the trigger and wack, she spun around and I could see good amount of blood running off her. She ran right to my buddy hunting at the other end of the field, he watched the whole thing, and said she dropped right in front of him. I had passed on a much smaller doe earlier and to be honest I almost regretted it. I was so happy to become a hunter and not a wildlife observer anymore!


This was my Saturday morning but I had a much more memorable Sunday morning!!

After bringing my doe home to show my girls, My oldest(9 yrs old) wanted to go hunting right now! I said lets wait till tomorrow. I tried to talk her into an evening hunt because then I knew I could beat that kid to a spot where my blind is, which happens to be right under one of his stands on the property line!!!:smiley_boos: Well she wanted a morning hunt because that is when I kill deer :smiley_crocodile:. So I get her around and head out to the blind location and wouldn't you know it the kid is already out there! So, I rethink a game plan with limited darkness left I thought of a spot easy to get to and scooted over there, I got a spot where a dead tree lays and you can sit in the middle of it, perfect ground blind! As we are walking back to beat daylight we jump a deer not 5yds from my spot! I figured well there was our chance to see a deer! We settled in and I pretended to hear deer to keep her attention lol....actually they were squirrels! I get the grunt tube out and blow a few grunts and tell her we will try to bring them in(squirrels again lol), she wants a try and she is actually pretty good! So I continue to let her and I'll be damned if she didn't get some deer's attention! There was definitely two bucks that locked up and then you could make out a deer or two walking our way! So I told her to get a few more blows and sure enough they kept coming! I could hear them but not see them bc it was thick! My daughter was at full attention now! Ipad put away and looking, I finally could make it out 2 little yearlings but they were deer and she got to see them from our blind and she called them in! I could of shot and that's what sucks! Had it been a nice buck it would of been a perfect way to end a season and a dry spell ! But it was one of my favorite experiences in the woods and I am glad we got to share it together! I would take that over a big buck any day!....I was proud she called deer in and that she was silent as a church mouse and still as a statue! She wanted to stay out but I knew it was a perfect time to end the hunt and go home! Keep her wanting more!!!!




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Outstanding hunt with the little huntress! Great write up, and congrats on your deer!
Good call quitting when you did, leave her excited to go out again. :smiley_bril:

11-07-2016, 11:15 AM
Congrats on the doe. Glad you got to experience that with your daughter.

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congrats on the doe, I coached for 6 years and finally walked away from it because of the time commitment, I know your struggle!

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Congrats !

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Great memories were harvested in that hunt right there. Better than any deer I guarantee. Congrats.

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Looks like a great time spent hunting with your daughter.

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Congrats again Ryan.

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I remember when my daughter was younger and loved using the rattling antlers and grunt tube. Brings back some great memories. That's awesome enjoy it.

brock ratcliff
11-07-2016, 08:49 PM
That IS a great weekend! Congratulations!

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Good stuff man!

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Thanks guys! I am proud of that hunt and deer, there is something to say about making a move in the woods and having it work out just like you envisioned !!!

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Outstanding. Congrats on your doe.

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Fuggin awesome right there.

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Congrats on growing the memories and getting the daughter out into nature.

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Congrats, good stuff!