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  1. Bill O'Reilly disqaulifies Ron Paul from Poll
  2. Issue 2
  3. A big misunder standing
  4. Gamed Poll???
  5. "I can't. The third one, I can't. Sorry...oops..."
  6. Ron Paul's Veterans Day Message
  7. Will you be watching????
  8. 90 seconds...
  9. We have a new flavor of the month.
  10. Hey J! Found this video on why a couple soldiers support Ron Paul
  11. Maybe Ron Paul is right on foreign policy
  12. Republican Party Candidates in Four Way Tie in Iowa
  13. The Third Reich
  14. American Marine
  15. President Obama vs. Republican Candidates
  16. Would you support a candidate who...?
  17. Global Warming...
  18. Federal Debt Explained
  19. Gingrich Attack Ad
  20. Be careful stepping off curbs
  21. Bye bye Herman cain
  22. Political Cannibalism
  23. Ron Paul's Loyal Supporters Are Getting Ready To Shock The World In Iowa
  24. Pretty sure we can all agree..This is fugging over the line
  25. Gingrich sucks...
  26. Obama proposes prolonged detention
  27. Breaking News: Kim Jong Il is dead
  28. Deer Kill 2011
  29. So you have been indefinitely detained by your Federal Government?
  30. Adolf Hitler reacts to Ron Paul's rise in Polls
  31. Newt an Perry fail to meet requirements for state of VA primary
  32. Iowa Caucus doesn't matter...
  33. I always thought Republicans were pro-2nd Amendment...
  34. Smoking gun in Obama citizenship?
  35. Just-War Theory
  36. Kim Jung Un
  37. Panetta admits that Iran is not developing nukes.
  38. GOP Delegate Count
  39. State School Rankings
  40. Romney
  41. An economics professor
  42. Stuff Obama Supporters Say
  43. Newt nor Santorum can't win the nomination...
  44. Iran...
  45. Rick Santorum
  46. Tonights speech
  47. Does anyone here actually believe....
  48. Soros: "We're Screwed"
  49. This painting about sums it up...
  50. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  51. Why a Florida veteren supports Ron Paul, especially his foreign policy.
  52. Candidate Match Game
  53. Romney wins CPAC straw poll
  54. New Federal Golf Rules
  55. Sherrod Brown, delinquent taxes
  56. O's shadow
  57. Gas Prices
  58. State Dept giving Alaskan islands to the Russians
  59. Big week for the Supreme Court
  60. Are you suffering from: Electile Disfunction?
  61. The Nuge in the News "Dead or Going to Jail"
  62. Kasich trying to Defund Ohio's Planned Parenthood?
  63. Church Shooting
  64. If I wanted American to Fail
  65. If I wanted American to Fail
  66. Nanny Enough?
  67. BOOK: The Amatuer - by Edward Klein
  68. OH Senate Bill 315 - Fracking
  69. Well put
  70. Federal Reserve System
  71. WTF is next
  72. One step closer
  73. Couldn't agree more
  74. Geauga county mom goes after Obama
  75. Here we go again
  76. Political Inept
  77. Chuck Norris Article
  78. It could get bloody...UN Small Arms Treaty
  79. DHS ammo purchases
  80. Biting the hand that feed him.
  81. Another option ?
  82. He was right back then
  83. 2012 election explained
  84. Obama That I Used To Know
  85. Paul Ryan it is
  86. Here's the problem with this Rep. Ticket from where I stand....
  87. Who would you vote for?
  88. What an absolute dumass
  89. How do you kill 11 million people
  90. Obamas America 2016
  91. 689 Reasons to defeat Obama
  92. Hmmm...
  93. Just a snippit of how duped we really are..
  94. Better not be thirsty in NYC...
  95. Ammo For All
  96. Ohio Senate Race
  97. Are you watching. (Live from Spain)
  98. The Project
  99. Funny Video Politically Motivated
  100. Romney Wins
  101. Debate Notes
  102. Dreams from my REAL* Father...
  103. Interesting Letter from a business owner to his employees
  104. UN control and tax on internet use
  105. Anyone else get a new phone
  106. Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies
  107. Biden Vs. Biden
  108. Political Ad
  109. Today's the day
  110. Hope in God, not country
  111. Bush Tax Cuts
  112. Mellow out
  113. Interesting. Happened today...
  114. Lets talk BBD Jealousy
  115. Seceding states
  116. For those of you
  117. Inepotcracy
  118. This guy just can't catch a break
  119. 6,450
  120. Union strike kills the Twinkie.
  121. If I were the devil
  122. Haha
  123. Why you should LOVE the GOP.
  124. Sunday night football halftime
  125. UN Agenda 21
  126. John Boehner. The Turncoat.
  127. Lame Duck legislation
  128. Reporters violate gun laws while insisting we need more such laws.
  129. Senator Portman on gun control
  130. Notice to Politicians (Copied from AT)
  131. Flat Tax
  132. Weapons Ban
  133. Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control
  134. Molon Labe
  135. Get your tin foil hat...
  136. Check this Out!
  137. NJ Gov. Christie blasts Boehner, Republicans
  138. Sound Familiar?
  139. More tin foil needed...
  140. Dana Safety Supply Stops Selling Semi Auto Rifles to Civilians
  141. The stupidity of people will boggle your mind.....
  142. Accountability is lost....not one peep on the news.
  143. White House Task Force Meeting
  144. Ohio School will Arm Employees!
  145. TED talks "Why I choose a gun"
  146. The fight for gun control is harder than BO planned
  147. I got a chance to speak my mind
  148. Think these will get banned too?
  149. The psychological benefits of gun ownership.
  150. And so it begins...
  151. Dear Mr Security Agent
  152. LIVE Stream: His Royal Highness Addresses the Nation on ‘Gun Violence’
  153. Ruger Website offers advocacy link
  154. NY banned cops guns too
  155. The Gathering Storm
  156. Weapons info for the uninformed
  157. H.r. 226
  158. West Point paper cites dangers of "Far right"
  159. Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show bans AR's and High Cap Mags.
  160. Ohio Police and National Gurd training against pro 2a "Terrorists"
  161. CNN Poll
  162. Obama Phone Lady
  163. Gun Violence and political party affiliation
  164. Wow, he just doesn't stop does he
  165. Couldnt Help Myself.
  166. Reality of the times
  167. Gun Control Confusion
  168. Inauguration Costs
  169. Free speech zone
  170. The reality of our nation's debt
  171. Fire on US citizens
  172. Groups cancels gun deals
  173. eBay, clips
  174. Any way they can....
  175. Women in Combat
  176. "I go shooting all the time"
  177. I Don't Think This Will Go Anywhere, but....
  178. Sheriff's honor roll
  179. More from the Gun grabbers
  180. I wish I was a well spoken as this man.
  181. New York State Resistance
  182. More good testomony, BAM.
  183. Who do you want to exterminate?
  184. Good speech - right in front of O
  185. Rogue LA cop...
  186. Homicide rate in Ohio counties
  187. Letter to the editor
  188. WV gun debate
  189. F&S to interview Biteme
  190. Sandy Hook statistics
  191. SB 18- Watch out Ohioans, we are not exempt
  192. The lies the other side is using
  193. Ohio Sheriff says no to gun control
  194. Another easy way to contact representatives
  195. Kasich proposed new sales taxes
  196. Gun Ad
  197. Is Cuomo trying to bribe hunters?
  198. We the people stimulus package
  199. DHS No-Hesitation Targets
  200. 10 reasons the Mafia is better then government.
  201. Wyoming state Representative Hans Hunt
  202. Possible Supreme Court Ruling ???
  203. NY veteran charge with having 30 round magazines.
  204. Magpul - Colorado Residents
  205. Virtual State of the Union Address 2013
  206. Pro-choice?
  207. Just when I think people can't get any more stupid.
  208. hugo chavez
  209. A Rabbi's perspective - Why Romney didn't win
  210. Just when I think people can't get any more stupid. PT2
  211. Open discussion on mineral rights, fracking, etc.
  212. Portman Op-Ed
  213. The racism of gun control
  214. AR15's just got cheaper
  215. OK you "fag lovers"
  216. UN gun control over the USA
  217. Greg Gutfeld on Jim Carrey
  218. So after a huge media push
  219. Do we need a nation discussion on "assault dogs"?
  220. Now I'm extra pissed.
  221. North Korea
  222. Portman on gun control
  223. Obama rate 5th best President
  224. Boy this is going to make you angry
  225. R.I.P. Mrs Thatcher
  226. "My property, my opportunity"
  227. Gun Legislation
  228. Disturbing
  229. Feinstein and Manchin-Toomey bills
  230. West Virgina Teen arrested for supporting NRA
  231. Door to Door gun confiscation?
  232. Good stuff out of Illinois
  233. Bloomberg and karma meet
  234. Attention beer drinkers
  235. Must see John stewart clip.
  236. Trey Gowdy Rep. SC
  237. This just doesn't sit right with me
  238. Got Verizon?
  239. Lilly the deer - Thoughts?
  240. Kasich's wealth redistribution plan.
  241. Illinois passes CCW
  242. Edward Snowden
  243. Well of course they don't snoop where...
  244. Ohio: House Committee to Hear Self-Defense and Right-to-Carry Reform Bill On Tuesday
  245. Aaron Hernandez
  246. Politicians kiss more than babies
  247. July 4th Thoughts on our country
  248. Pretty ballsy
  249. Mos Def video
  250. I'm speechless.